Peekly German


This is the German version of Peekly.

Peekly is a 2-page Lockscreen Theme for iOS.
On the first page you get the time and date. Several watches are to choose from! Pull your lockscreen on the right side shows them a 3-month calendar. This is the default. You can currently choose between Twitter feeds, Google Calendar or an RSS feed. More options will be added soon. Pull your lockscreen to the left, so they come to the 2nd Page, which has the current weather. Pull your lockscreen again to the left, you can see a 4-day weather forecast.

Device: iPod, iPhone

Download Peekly German Version 1.4.4



23.12.20131.4.4+ Added All weather forecast texts
18.11.20131.4.3– Fix Weather Bugs
09.06.20131.4.2+weather forecast changed back to 4 days since yahoo again supports a 4 days forecast
25.05.20131.4.1– Fix bug with the weather forecast
12.05.20131.4+ Works with (or without) the Peekly app
+ After changing the settings, double-tap on the menu bar to refresh the page
+ Option to remove the second side
+ 4 new icon sets for the weather (meteocons, skycons, VIP, stickers)
+ 2 new watches (circle, skew)
Error resolved
cleaned up code
27.04.20131.3– fix long place names do not fit on the screen
– Fixed weather icon alignment
02.04.20131.2– fix clock bug
31.03.20131.1+ option for 24 hour clock
+ 2 new watches, analog and Words
– Removed the year from the calendar
+ Zuwechseln option to format date day / date / month
+ Option to increase the number of tweets / RSS Articles